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Looking for a unique and engaging way for students to track their reading? This digital reading log is just what you need! These reading logs are set up in Google Slides™ Students type the number of minutes they read in each app. At the end of the week, students can add up their total number of minutes and put it in the "Total" app. This reading log also includes a space for students to type their jots.


Did you know October is Fire Safety Awareness Month? These digital task cards are a great way to get kids talking about what to do in the event of a fire as well as when it is appropriate to call 9-1-1. These cards were actually written by my husband who is a 9-1-1 dispatcher and chief of a fire department!

Please Note: This product is set up in Google Slides™ You can push this product out through Google Classroom or just "share" and students can work collaboratively to come up with the answers. After each set of 4 task cards, there is a page for students to type their answers. The answer keys are at the end. Please make sure to make a copy for your students and remove those before you push it out. Please take a look at the product preview. Works well for distance learning! Answer key included!

Looking to print and laminate instead?

The printable version is available here!


Need a more efficient way for students to track their reading? These reading log bookmarks are a fun reminder for your students to log their reading both at home and school! These bookmarks are designed so you can MIX and MATCH based on what your students or child needs. There are options for front and back printing.

Color and Black & White versions are included! Bookmarks are approximately 3 inches x 8 inches and set up 3 to a page.

What are your purchasing?

Summer-themed bookmarks for June, July, and August (please note that the design is the same for each month). These bookmarks are designed seasonally, so please consider purchasing the other seasons!

Fall Bookmarks Available Here!

Winter Bookmarks Available Here!

Spring Bookmarks Available Here!

EVERY bookmark includes:

  • Month name & artwork
  • Days Monday through Friday
  • A space for the date
  • "Page___to___"
  • Time